Intention of Zann Roasted sunflower seeds

  • Zann Roasted sunflower seeds produces ever clean sunflower seeds, full of vitamins for both the old and the young consumers to be healthy.
  • It is created for every consumer to get good ideas and imagination, good luck and amusement while eating sunflower seeds.
  • Zann always produces them for every consumer’s needs and wants.
  • Zann distributes different types of packages cost 50-kyats, 100-kyats, 200-kyats, 300-kyats, 400-kyats, 500-kyats etc.

New Product Of Eatable Things Produced By Zann

Royal organic sunflower oil

Every oil that definitely contains Wax which is refined and removed completely , is the speciality of Royal organic sunflower oil and peanut oil in market. Lucky draws are enclosed for all consumers to enjoy.

Royal organic peanut oil

Royal organic sunflower oil and organic peanut oil, much beneficial to health, are produced with special cleanliness to use for all race and religious.To carry them easily , different kinds and sizes of oil bottles are produced by the international standard quality machine.


Our of various kinds of nuts, the nuts selected and produced to be most suitable for the health of human beings: Pistachios Nut, Honey Almosds Nut, Roasted Salt Almonds Nut, Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, Roasted Garlic etc,. In these special nuts are enclosed various kinds of gifts and will be available in the market.

Zann Products

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Zann Latest news

Zann Sunflower Seeds

Zann sunflower from 50 ks and 100 ks in lottery cash and we offer toys for babies

Zann Sunflower Oil

We will distribute healthy oil to the market for housewives and oil related businesses.


We will produce international import roasted sunflower as a royal name.

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